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TIGER - Perfume

TIGER - Perfume

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Indulge your senses with the captivating aroma of Tiger Perfume, a signature fragrance crafted with utmost care and expertise on our farm. Our perfumes are meticulously created using handcrafted hydrosols from our own herbs, combined with carefully selected essential oils and industry-standard aroma chemicals. Immerse yourself in a delightful symphony of scents that will transport you to a world of elegance and allure.

Key Features:

  1. Premium Ingredients: Tiger Perfume is made using the finest quality hydrosols, essential oils, and industry-standard aroma chemicals. Each ingredient is thoughtfully chosen to ensure a luxurious and long-lasting fragrance experience.

  2. Exquisite Notes: Our Tiger Perfume boasts a sophisticated blend of notes that will captivate your senses. Experience the rich sweetness of caramel, the subtle spiciness of peppercorn, the comforting warmth of vanilla, and the alluring sensuality of musk. This harmonious combination creates a unique fragrance that is both enticing and unforgettable.

  3. Farm-to-Bottle Craftsmanship: At our farm, we take pride in our sustainable and ethical practices. We cultivate and harvest our herbs with care, extracting their essence through hydrosol distillation. This meticulous process guarantees the purest and most authentic fragrance, allowing you to experience the essence of nature in every spray.

  4. Convenient Size: The Tiger Perfume comes in a generous 2oz bottle, perfect for keeping at home or carrying with you on the go. Its sleek design and portable nature make it a versatile accessory, ensuring you can enjoy its captivating scent wherever you may be.

  5. Unisex Appeal: Tiger Perfume is designed to be enjoyed by both men and women, making it a versatile choice for anyone seeking a luxurious and captivating fragrance. Its alluring blend of notes seamlessly blends with your body chemistry, leaving behind an enchanting trail that will turn heads wherever you go.

Elevate your fragrance collection with Tiger Perfume - a remarkable creation born from the heart of our farm. Immerse yourself in its captivating notes and experience the harmonious fusion of nature and luxury. Order your bottle today and let the essence of Tiger Perfume transport you to a world of elegance and sophistication.

Note: For external use only. Avoid contact with eyes. Conduct a patch test before using. In case of any irritation, discontinue use immediately.

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